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Help someone else; God will help you

God will help you if you help others

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God direct me in my financial plans, so that I will not fall into an unfruitful financial trap. Please God keep me from falling into debt and give me wisdom in managing my funds and give me ideas for my business to prosper.

God I ask you for a miracle of debt cancellation. Prosper me so that the rest of this year will not be a struggle. I ask for the financial increase that will transform my life.
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So, have you ever been desperate enough to cry out to God for help? You reached a place of no return and there was a wall right ahead of you. The road has been narrowing for a while now and you were all alone. Help me God!! God? I don't even know you! Or maybe you do and you know exactly what it is all about. Perhaps you are such a person today you are in need, you count on God for help. Then you found the right place. But before you go on, consider our suggestion, especially if you believe that there is a God up there, Someone real who cares for you. This Supreme Being will help you, but you need to make the first move: look around and see the needs of others, help them and you will be helped. This principle that God will help you if you help others has been interwoven throughout the ages into the history of mankind. In fact it has become a part of man's destiny from the Judeo-Christian perspective. In one of the best known biblical stories, the story of Abraham, we are told that if we do good to Abraham's descendants, God will in turn reward our attitude by doing good to us. He will bless us. However, it is also the leading principle of simple economics; if you invest into anything, anyway you can, you will reap the return on your investment whether it is time, money, efforts, physical or emotional help given to others. This is a two way value. You help people around you, people that touch your heart, or people that your human consciousness wouldn’t dare ignore, being like a good Samaritan. Yet the reward comes from a different place, you might say, it comes from God.

The power in helping others

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Help me God in my old age. Give me health and please send me a helper who will tend to my garden and help me in my daily chores.

God I ask you for the peace in my home. I ask you to open up the channel of free communication and forgiveness between me and my husband. Revive our love. Heal our hurts and wounds so that we can be again a happy family.
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Mother Theresa of Calcutta was a living example of a helper who knew how to call on God for help. Her deep experience tells us that helping others may not only be difficult but also unpleasant and misunderstood. Here are a few golden thoughts that are attributed to Mother Theresa:
•People are often unreasonable, irrational, and self-centered. Forgive them anyway.
•If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives. Be kind anyway.
•The good you do today, will often be forgotten. Do good anyway.
•Give the best you have, and it will never be enough. Give your best anyway.
•In the final analysis, it is between you and God. It was never between you and them anyway.

However, there are so many beautiful, grateful people, too. Some will tell you that the best way they can reward you is by praying for you. This is often a way to open the door for God to help you. Actually, there is power in helping others especially those who cannot reward you back. It is enabling the others to experience God's love through you. This is the way you will be known, says the Christian New Testament, by the expression of love towards your neighbor. In the Muslim culture there is a strong conviction and in fact a principle of conduct that they dare not break. Never turn your quests away, feed them even if you are starving. They also follow a commandment to receive the quest, or the stranger into their house for at least a fortnight if there is such a need.

God does help

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God heal my marriage. Give me wisdom in talking my husband into the counseling sessions. Lead us and guide us during our counseling times and give our counselor wisdom.

„God I ask you for a miracle of debt cancellation. Prosper me so that the rest of this year will not be a struggle. I ask for the financial increase that will transform my life.”
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God help! We so often cry, looking at our own misfortune, or so we may think. Staying in self-pity for days, weeks even years, we feel miserable and yet, nothing changes. The advice here is to turn your eyes away from yourself, help somebody else and you will quickly forget about your own problems. In fact as you help others your problems will be solved, how? God will help. So who are those we need to help? Are they just our closest family: mother, father, daughter or brother? Yes they are but look a bit further and you may see your coworker, his family or even your boss struggling. Why haven't you looked at them in such a way before? Perhaps now you start to understand better that helping others draws God into action on your behalf and God does help. How about helping a pregnant woman load her shopping bags into the car? Or how about mowing the yard of your elderly neighbor? There are so many ways you can become a helper to somebody. Let just briefly look at this list and see the variety of ways you can help.
  • Have you got a little bit of extra money? Well, help financially somebody who is in need.
  • What skills have you got? Can you fix a car for a friend? Can you help your neighbors son in math?
  • Are you a kind of a natural nurse? It may just be your gift to visit people at the hospital, try it, then.
  • Why is it that suddenly you see so many people emotionally distressed and you just empathize with them, you discover a counselor within yourself and you know that is the way you want to help others.
  • Have you noticed that your boss is over irritable? His marriage is falling apart. Be his friend and look for the right counselor together.
  • Your young friend, or perhaps somebody in your family is getting married. You realize how thrifty they need to be. They surely cannot afford a professional wedding planner or a caterer, or a florist or a photographer. Make a project of organizing their wedding for free. It will be a perfect wedding gift for them. Pull into this project your whole family.
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